Not often do I get excited about new extensions but this one is simply amazing. As you have noticed we have used YJ Image Slider in plenty of our templates demos and it has always proven how flexible it can be. Since we are working on our new Joomla Template and YJIS was a perfect candidate for the demo ,I couldn't help noticing that it is still lacking few features so I started adding them .

What I tought it will be few hours work , ended up stretching over 5 days , and we all know what one developer can do in 5 days :).
I remember Silviu saying " Dragan , this is a component not a module ".  What came out at the end is one of a kind image slider. 

I will mention just few module features and you be the judge:

  • Use up to 20 images
  • Responsive image slider
  • Touch friendly ( simply love this one, broke my iPhone and iPad swiping lol.. )
  • Create/Delete thumbnails in module slide manager
  • Upload own thumbnails
  • Upload images from module slide manager
  • Enable/disable thumbnails belt navigation
  • Disable/enable navigation arrows
  • Position thumbnails navigation anywhere you want ( top , bottom , left , right )
  • Included latest MediaboxAdvanced version  ( Thank you John! )
  • Combine image/video gallery sets with slides
  • Added module template creator and editor in module backend
  • "Slide in use" indicator for active slides
  • Sexy custom made tooltips
  • Disable/enable all or any part of the slide per slide ( tooltips, descriptions, titles, intro text )

So the conclusion is...  there is always room for improvements no matter how good the product is.
And YJIS v4.0 simply proves that. So go ahead download and go crazy with it.  
Stefan did and he cant stop :)
If you get a chance , vote it up on JED ( Thank you! ) .




November 07th 2012
by Product Updates
(8 votes)

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