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Outstanding and timely service

I initially bought into YouJoomla for the Sportline template. It has been a dream, and by far my favorite project. Neo provides outstanding and timely service - I've never seen the like and I'm a member at Joomlart and RocketTheme, both good companies.He's caught me off guard a couple times as I had settled back to wait for a response in a few days or weeks, and he replied within an hour! Thanks to Neo, my site was up and running in days, because he answered all my questions promptly.
Written by clearcreekbaseball Thu 9 Aug 2012

Patience and fast responses

I bought a template from youjoomla a couple of days ago. The template is really great! As I am a newbie in this field I need a lot of help. The support is very fast, knowledgeable and willing to try out things to help you 100%. I am very pleased with them and would recommend everyone to them. Thank you youjoomla support for all your patience and fast responses.
Written by Sat 29 Mar 2008

Quality of work is superior

The templates are outstanding and the quality of work is superior. I left the joomla game for a while and when I came back, they brought me up to speed in no time flat. They are a great company!!!
Written by Rodesh Thu 25 Aug 2011

YouJoomla raising the bar!

You can get templates on many places, but one thing I really like from this provider is SUPPORT! you get state of the art templates and get REALLY GOOD SUPPORT! something you don't get with other providers! Thanks YouJoomla for raising the bar!
Written by Fri 24 Jul 2009

Professionalism to the fullest

I am a beginier to the Joomla. I got the best support I have ever experience and this is no just comparing with online businesses!. Professionalism to the fullest and it shows with their passion. They dont rip you off and make you upgrade to gain more $$$, very much the opposite they will say "Save on this and that!!!" Special Mention to NEO and thank you so much for your patience, dedication, passion. Youjoomla will be a very successful company and you are the person that will make people use Joomla!
Written by Mon 21 Jul 2008

Hat off to the support

Well I would have to take my hat off to the support team here they answer questions in a timely manner. All template clubs offer great templates but most do not offer a great prices and a good team to help new comers with their questions and problems. You can always shop around for a good price a good price a good item does not matter as much with out the good support to go along with it thanks guys keep up the good work and as soon as I get a little better at this I will try and help the best i can.
Written by Wed 6 Aug 2008

Excellent products

I recently purchased a product from YouJoomla - the movie studio. Excellent product!I had an unusual situation with our website that I installed it on and it required some support to ask some questions.The people at YouJoomla immediately responded to my forum post and spent the time getting me taken care of!I have never experienced the speed of support that I experienced yesterday!I will consider them for more products in the future...Thanks so much!
Written by Tim Fri 8 Aug 2008

I couldn’t ask for any better service

My experience with YJ was excellent. The developer my account was assigned to with the user name "Orion" was superb in all respects. This individual customer service went beyond world class. "Orion" is outstandingly knowledgeable and courteous. Besides installing my template demo, "Orion" was able to diagnose and solve my issues quickly. Moreover, the turnaround time for my follow up questions were completed quickly, in less than half a day. I couldn’t ask for any better service.
Written by Giovanna Mon 4 Jan 2010

The support is unparalleled

I have been building Joomla websites for about a year now and have used several different commercial template designers. I can honestly say that YouJoomla has by far consistently provided  truly unique, clean, crisp designs that can be customized to give a professional look to any site regardless of the business. The support is unparalleled as well. I was blown away at the responsiveness of this developer. I would highly recommend YouJoomla to any website developer. Thanks again YouJoomla.
Written by Sun 26 Jul 2009

Quality of products and service

I am speechless and don't know where to start because words alone is not suffice to explain the quality of products, service provided by the great people of YOUJOOMLA.I have been using various joomla services and yet I haven't make a single feedback on it. Youjoomla make me feel that a feedback is the very least I can do. Their call of duty are beyond then what is expect of them. This quality of products and service can easily make people like myself who design websites become customer for life. Keep the the great work Youjoomla!
Written by Fri 1 May 2009

Templates and Support Excellence

YouJoomla has some great looking templates that have smart design layouts and are feature rich. I am using Joomla Hosting and I get a lot of compliments from my visitors. What I find most impressive is the support by YouJoomla staff. I have used other sites and there is little to no support.Thanks Neo!
Written by Robert Mesa Wed 1 Apr 2009

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