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YJSG v2 RC2 released

Dear members we are pleased to announce the release of YJSG v2 RC2. First we would like to thank everyone who took time to test RC1 and report their findings. This version is maintenance and code improvement release. We will also take this chance to advise that YJSG v2 is in feature freeze. RC2 comes with some minor js and CSS improvements and one major shortcode add-on.

June 05th 2014
YJSG Framework
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YJSG v2 RC1 is out

As we promised few months back Yjsg v2 is ready for its big debut. RC1 version is out and now we would like to hear from you. Tell us what you like or dont like and help us make this Joomla Template Framework a unified project that can make your future Joomla Templates development easier.

May 20th 2014
YJSG Framework
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YJSG v2.0.0 White Paper


Dear members, it is time to let you know what we were doing for the past 8 months besides releasing new templates and extensions.
This was a secret project which is about to come to life and will change the way you use YJSG template framework. Before you continue reading this lengthy article please note that YJSG v2.0.0 will be RC ready within few weeks.
Until than we would love to hear your feedback and any suggestion for new features before the RC1 is released.
Please post all your ideas in YJSG Template Framework Plugin forum.
Now to the details.

March 11th 2014
YJSG Framework
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Changes to our price model

2014price change

To continue to provide exceptional service for our members and visitors we have slightly adjusted our current pricing model. The major difference you will notice is depreciation of our 6 months Gold plan and price of $75.00 in favor to 3 Months Gold Plan with a new price of $58.00.
All customers that have purchased 6 Months Gold Plan prior to this change will still enjoy their 6 months products downloads and support.

To accommodate the Gold Plan Price change to your budget our One Year Platinum plan price is lowered by $2.00 and is now only $88.00.
For limited time only we have also adjusted 1 Year Developer plan price from $298.00 to $248.00.
Single Joomla Template and Single WordPress Theme prices and plans are unchanged.

We hope this change does not affect your to much and you will still continue to support our goals and ideas.

Sincerely YouJoomla Team.


March 07th 2014
YJ Team
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JBootstrap version 1.0.6 is out



This new JBoostrap version comes with triple check for K2 Joomla Extension. By default k2.js is loading right after K2 version of jQuery. This is not a problem as long as you keep K2 jQuery version on. Once you turn it off any extension/plugin jQuery file will end up after k2.js and this way cause javascript conflicts.

To make sure that this does not happen we added special check that moves k2.js after JBootstrap jQuery and this way avoid any javascript conflicts.

March 06th 2014
Product Updates
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