Products License

Youjoomla products licensing information

License revision date 07-02-2012.

Effective from 7-02-2012  we no longer enforce any domains limits on our products. 

This change affects:

Effective from 8-01-2010
All future Youjoomla extensions will have a dual license. Only PHP product files will be released under GNU/GPL V2 license.
CSS , JAVASCRIPT , and IMAGE files will still hold proprietary license. Distribution of these files is restricted unless otherwise stated by .

Example of "otherwise stated by" :

Free joomla extensions released by will hold same license but you are free to use , modify and distribute license restricted files.
Commercial joomla products will hold same license but you are NOT allowed to distribute license restricted files.
In both cases you are to retain copyright with in the files. If you edit the PHP files you can edit the copyright information as follows:


Youjoomla proprietary license

This license controls modification and or distribution of products files, except PHP file types.
Since the combination of LESS, CSS, JS and Image files with PHP files is independently sent and compiled in clients browser it must NOT hold the GPL license.
These files are licensed under Youjoomla LLC proprietary license and are not to be modified or redistributed unless otherwise stated by .
Modification of these files is allowed only to customers who are also bounded by their membership level and Membership Terms and Conditions.
Distribution of these files is prohibited unless otherwise stated by