It is Saturday so I am looking over our current projects and at the same time monitoring Joomla! CMS Group discussions and this post made me come to conclusion that since Joomla MVC we did not have default core template overrides examples except the documentation on how to make one.

To make things easier for you and provide small help to anyone who would like to change the default core extensions markup , I have made template override packs for Joomla 3.x core extensions wich includes overrides for core components and modules.

Pack 1 is default template override with no markup change. Pack 2 is also default template override but without calls for Bootstrap. Please note that in order to completely disable Bootstrap when using Pack 2 you also need to remove call for Bootstrap from your template index.php file.  

You can do this by commenting out folowing  line from your index.php:



How does it work?

Just download the pack your need and move it to site_root/templates/template_name/html folder. Extract the zip and now you can control the layout of core Joomla! extensions from your template overrides folder.

To see example go to your website and find the page where module login is published. Now open site_root/templates/template_name/html/mod_login/default.php file and add some text.
Refresh your web page and your change will be visible.



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  • Pack1 TO J3.x Mar-30-13 08:07am 1.0.1 150.66 KB 1041
  • Pack2 TO J3.x Mar-30-13 08:07am 1.0.1 150.68 KB 759
December 15th 2012
by Joomla! Tutorials
(12 votes)

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