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04-24-2012, 07:57 AM
# 51 (permalink)
Hi Neo!
Have not been on this site! I saw - you did a great job, really, the site became more comfortable, intuitive, easy to pick up the templates and understand how to work the extensions in the template. Well, a little creative more, and I thinking of new themes and your studio will be #1, definitely! (I'm sure)

It's nice that our suggestions were considered and gave the result! Good luck, and great new ideas!
04-25-2012, 12:44 PM
# 52 (permalink)
I have joined less than 24 hrs ago.

I was sold on the video about the YJSG Framework video. I have experience in html web design but nothing like Joomla. Your video is the solution for beginners familiar with web design but not Joomla. I can learn as I design. You have already solved the forward technology issues lacking in other Joomla memberships.

For past 3 months I have used money on wasted memberships to only experience a better solution can be found. I moved on with memberships still active.

You provide a web designer a future relief to avoid a need change an entire design to add upcoming technologies and you are using already using current technology with speed and accuracy.

My suggestions are more access on knowledge and navigation.

1. The YJSG Framework logo on the bottom was the key to getting me to the video.
--I only found it after browsing many pages and it could have easily help me to decide to join and spent more time looking at products offered.
--If you could show a demo link or icon in a more visual area because I still had to bookmark to get remember how to get to it.

2. When in the demo templates, there is no easy way to find a link to get back to YouJoomla home page. I do understand the full demo is what is offered but when I decided to move on, I had to click on possible exits that didn't get me to your homepage. This is how I found the logo link to the video.

3. I am a web designer that looks at many of the already posted questions and trouble shooting in forums before starting a new project. I use all browsers to test new products before adding it to web designs.
--Because you are so creative, I would like to see a stick note function in your offering much like
1. Opera extension -- sticky note https://addons.opera.com/en/extensio...y-sticky-note/
2. WordPress dashboard site notes WordPress › Dashboard Site Notes WordPress Plugins

I come back to the Opera browser to see my sticy notes that I wrote on your website even if I am using FireFox. It is great to just have my notes whenever your website is opened.

Thank for an efficient and useful template manager.
04-25-2012, 01:13 PM
# 53 (permalink)
thnx for the kind words treat2day, trust me that getting users in and out faster and getting you what you are looking for is current priority.

I am well aware that current website is more than confusing to some of you and that is what we are working on.
Our download section is in last stage of development and you will not have to go to 3 different parts of the site to see demos , product description or download.
Everything is now consolidated in 1 page. For example : the news item for product will have everything in it including that product downloads. I honestly cant wait to publish all this because preparations took few months and development is ongoing including YJSG 2.0 + new template + new extension etc...
05-07-2012, 02:44 AM
# 54 (permalink)
Hei Admin,
I think all that's okay, but any input for you !

Please ,,,,
1.Create your web designs like MarketPlace --> User can rate it
2.Build shopping cart for all items invoice or order by users -->
And after user finish and have to checkout, They will redirect on Cart page

3.Also add some features for user to share YouJoomla items to help you promote
4. Add more payments gateway
5. Change your font size to allow dimensions like widescreen. because
Simplycity is not Simplyfy.
6. Change your footer height to higher
7. Add search box in the right menu and change menu padding size
8.Your logo font is very big, change it to small size
9.Create tooltip for begginer user
10.Merge all blog, forums, support to Social Sites
11.Update the user panel to clean designs,,,
12. Show your payments provider logo in footer to make user to believe.
13. Make new templates to support Jquery and Mootools not only Mootools
14.Show your HOT NEWS and TUTORIALS in the HomePage.
15.Create download page and listing of Joomla Extensions and Templates and sure, Show the YouJoomla is the best from all extensions listed.
16. Add the welcome message when user load homepage.

Okay just it
I hope success
05-09-2012, 05:12 AM
# 55 (permalink)
Hi ,

First I would like to thank Team YouJoomla for AWESOME Joomla Templates. Keep Rocking.. YouJoomla.

Here are the issues that i found.

1) when i was doing Signup for Free Membership, I clicked on Terms and Condition link. To my surprise, I just saw only loading icon and actual content never came. Other then that, Loading image icon quality is not upto mark.
2) For creating account for free membership, we need to click on text. Somehow for initial 2 times i was not able to understand that i should click on it. Third time by chance i clicked it and then i realized. You can make it more user friendly.
3) While posting a message on LB Hosting,
confirmation message comes for very less time. When i posted message first time, i missed to see that and then i posted it again. You make this message to last longer before it automatically disappears. Confirmation mail also can be send once comment is posted.
4) When I clicked on Preview This(i am writing) post, It did not show me preview.

Hope this will be small help from myside to improve youjoomla.

Mitesh Koradia
07-29-2012, 05:51 AM
# 56 (permalink)

I really like YJ stuff. Is there way to show templates screen shots in available color schemes in one place or using any other ways. We like to see it once.


08-18-2012, 10:49 PM
# 58 (permalink)
I am late to the party but if you still need testers just let me know what I can do to help...
08-22-2012, 09:39 AM
# 59 (permalink)
Originally Posted by kevinmorrison
I am late to the party but if you still need testers just let me know what I can do to help...
Thnx , you can PM me for more info please.
06-16-2023, 05:23 AM
# 60 (permalink)
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