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[SOLVED] Login Form Spelling Correction

04-27-2011, 06:20 PM
# 1 (permalink)
Domain: smallbiztech.bbttest.com
PhP Ver: 5.0
MySQL Ver: 5.0
CMS: Joomla 1.6.3
YouGrids Ver: 1.0.11
Modifications: Changed logo

Is there a more appropriate or better way (other than the one mentioned in the forum post "YouGrids login spelling errors") to correct the spelling errors found in the YouGrids' Login Form? Specifically, the words "Remeber" (should be "Remember") and "Usearname" (should be "Username") need to be corrected.

04-29-2011, 12:22 PM
# 3 (permalink)
Thanks for your quick response. Would have appreciated a few more specifics on which particular file to edit.

Nonetheless, for those interested, the correct file to edit is:


Thanks again
02-06-2012, 11:25 AM
# 4 (permalink)
I corrected this error before, but now that I've upgraded to version 1.0.11 for Joomla 2.5, the "Remeber Me" and "Usearname" errors are back. What is the file to change for US English?
01-03-2013, 01:33 PM
# 5 (permalink)
Thanks Arthur. This helped me from rummaging through endless files.
03-03-2013, 06:25 PM
# 6 (permalink)
Same problem with the login form spelling errors - 'Remeber me' and 'Usearname' - I've edited it in "youtravel"/language/en-GB/en-GB.tpl_youtravel.ini" and in every other language file I can find in the directory but I can't seem to get rid of the errors.

Any other files I can try?

10 minutes later: I must have missed a file - now found the right one and errors corrected.
03-04-2013, 06:04 AM
# 7 (permalink)
I trust those spelling errors will be corrected, but for those who still see them you can correct this as neo said, in templates language file:


closing this thread.
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