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[SOLVED] link issue - resolved

09-06-2007, 09:45 AM
# 1 (permalink)
1st part: I seem to be having an issue with the live site configuration. Any external links I try come out with the live site prepend. (http://www.enjoykingston.com//external url)

2nd part: when I link to internal clips, The movie opens lower than it should and gives a javascript error. url.match(/\?(.+)/) has no properties
Line 222.
As well the close button doesn't work.

3rd part: I'm also wondering how to use a thumbnail as the link instead of text?

the link to the site is http://www.enjoykingston.com and look for mbox in the main menu.

joomla 1.0.13
09-06-2007, 05:21 PM
# 2 (permalink)
please try to explain 1st once again I dont get it

2nd I see only 1 demo
and it points to the lmov file that does not exist



<a href=http://www.youtube.com/video=id><img src="yourimageshere.jpg"></a>
09-06-2007, 05:38 PM
# 3 (permalink)
I just had someone else compleining about that module you have , the weather module, try unpublishing it
let me know if it has something to do with which I think it kills the java script,
09-06-2007, 08:00 PM
# 5 (permalink)
Sorry for the confusion. I'll try to clarify.

1st point: If I try to link to external video using the usual url, Joomla adds my live site url to the front of it. This results in an error obviously. The moviebox entry would be {mbox:http://images.apple.com/movies/universal/mr_beans_holiday/mr_beans_holiday-tlr1_h.480.mov}
result on site would be http://enjoykingston.com/http://images.apple.com.....
I have seen this issue in joomla forums, so it might not be linked to moviebox, I'll try using an external link in another situation to test it.

2nd point: I'm still getting the javascript error. As a note, I use firefox with the firebug plugin. Without the plugin I don't think the error is visible.

3rd part: I meant how do I get an image of mr beans holiday that I have in /images/stories to appear on the page instead of the title link. I would assume it would be {mbox:mrbeansholiday.mov title=MRBEAN img=mrbean.jpg}, however it isn't.

I removed the smoothgallery code from the template html. My bad, I forgot it was there. It made a big difference and cleaned up the look of the moviebox alot. But it still leaves a flickering box throughout the clip where the loading graphic would appear. Other than that I think it works fine.

The weather module as well as google analytics urchin do not seem to affect anything although they are disabled at the moment.

Thanks for your help, Great plugin, Great site!!

PS. I originally had a few other issues with the plugin but solved them by lowering the priority of the plugin below mosloadmodules.

09-06-2007, 08:10 PM
# 6 (permalink)
ok got to your site cnfig
$livesite "enjoykingston.com"

to "http://www.enjoykingston.com"

I think this is it

I am out of office and on IE6 now so I canot see the bug you are refering to.
I will be in the office around10.30pm and will take a lok at it again

to display imge there is no extra code needed and I think you are mixing up moviebox and popbox

omg you are

my friend for moviebox you do not need

{mbox; }

only link

this here copy and enter in your editor as html


<a href="http://images.apple.com/movies/unive....mov">
<img src=images/stories/mrbean.jpg boder="0" alt="Mr Bean" title="Mr Bean Holiday " />
09-06-2007, 08:26 PM
# 7 (permalink)
THANKS!! That worked perfectly!

I didn't realize I was supposed to use raw html.

My only question is why does the moviebox demo site say to use the {mbox:} text?

The live site was already http://www.enjoykingston.com
09-06-2007, 08:49 PM
# 8 (permalink)
heheh ! nice

ok scrool to the bottom of the demo and there is different instructions for video files , the {mbox;} is for inline content iframes, single image and gallery

videofiles need the link to the file only

read instructions

cna you please mark this topic as resolved

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