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The Reason Im a Member:

03-28-2008, 10:40 AM
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The Reason Im a Member:

Sure you can find most things on the web for free. But like they say \All that Glitters isnt Gold\. Before I join this site, I checked out all the other major Joomla Template Clubs. I even joined a couple, I had no problems with them. But something was missing. Looking at their templates and trying to find one that met my needs wasnt always easy. When I look it some of the most successful websites on the web. They all have one thing in common, accessibility.

Some template clubs offer you templates that are simply stunning. Real nice to look at, but how practical are they in the real world. Sure you can have a website with alot of bells and whistles. But Im not interested in a Joomla site trying to be a Web 2.0 Flash site. I want a template thats easy to customize to my likings. With clean lines and well designed layouts. Thats why I chose this site, to become a member. One of the most important aspects of being a member is the use of the \Members Only Forum\. When I joined I looked at several things. Like what would be most to my advantage, being a club member or buying a single template. I wanted the yj_times and Get Connected, which is a members only template. I looked at the price of a single template vs membership, and realized that for a couple dollars more. I could get all the templates plus 12 to 24 future templates. What a no brainer.

Im not a designer or a developer, Im just starting to learn about html and css. I know all of the sites to get free templates, and illegal templates. But when you need help with those templates you on your own. I like to customize my sites, and I can get my questions answer in the Members forum. Since Im new at this, something Im not willing to risk. Is the security of my websites. How do I know for sure that when I download. A free template or one of those illegal templates, that Im not downloading some malicious code or trojans also. If I could understand every line of code thats in a template. I would probably be making my own. Thats a risk Im not willing to take. So thats just a few of the reasons Im a member. And I intend on being one for awhile.
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