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I am sam movie review essay

08-14-2022, 05:22 AM
# 1 (permalink)
Sam loves Lucy dearly and works hard to keep him close to her. He is also mentally challenged and the court decides whether or not he should take Lucy. They claim he is not as capable as a 7-year-old child and lacks enough money. He hires a lawyer in order to get Lucy back. Lucy offers her free help under the pressure from being gossiped about at work by these women. He initially gets very upset, but she eventually begins to understand him better and is more kind to him. In this i am sam movie review essay you can find my opinion on piaget's cognitive development.

Lucy is placed with a foster parent who eventually returns her to Sam. They pledge to support Sam's cause in court and not tell Sam they can't take her care of herself. They win the argument and Sam & Lucy live again together. Main Character Description: Sam is a mentally-challenged dad who loves his child very deeply. He's caring and happy and loves Ihop. He loves to make paper cranes and other shapes.
His first job was at Starbucks. He then quit and started working at Pizza Hut. Sam can get very angry easily, as seen in the scene when he orders French pancakes with fruit toppings from Lucy and then quits Starbucks to work at Pizza Hut. Lucy: She is smart and sneaky as a young girl. Although her dad isnít typical, she still loves and cares about him unconditionally. She is very understanding of her father and cares a lot about him.

Rita: Rita works as Sam's attorney to help him get Lucy back. She has a difficult life. There are hundreds of things she must do. And then there is this case that she made. She doesn't lose so she puts in a lot of effort to win this case. As she helps Sam get Lucy back, she shows compassion and understanding. Psychological Illness Autism plays the role of Sam as he struggles to keep his daughter in his life.

Lucy's friend asks Lucy, "What is the problem with your dad?" Is he deranged? He responds with a "yes." Sam isnít normal, so Samís friend views him negatively. Sam tries calmly to get everyone to relax for Lucy's birthday party. Then he touches one of Lucyís children to make him hide. I have cooties! "The child is so different from the rest that he doesn't want any contact or handling.

Lucy also sees the father pushing him away from his child. Because he has been there for her all her life and will continue to love her like no other, she is able to love him no matter what. His peers would ridicule him and think he was a stranger. When he spoke to others, they just kept nodding their heads and acting as if they were listening. Sam's friends are like him. They like to get together just like any regular group of friends.

They would compliment one another a lot, encourage and support each other, as well as talk about common interests. Lucy was advised by the court to stay with Sam. They don't believe he is capable of supporting her. Because he is mentally ill, they doubt he will be able to take proper care of Lucy. But he said that all she needed was love, support, patience, listening to her, and happiness.

Reference: https://proessays.net

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11-29-2022, 06:18 PM
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06-01-2023, 12:49 AM
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06-13-2023, 10:56 PM
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07-06-2023, 12:01 AM
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08-17-2023, 03:40 AM
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08-22-2023, 11:28 PM
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