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03-23-2008, 03:09 AM
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New version off Tabs News is available. There should not be any more conflicts except bad php.ini. If that is case get new php.ini file here . We tested the module in J1.5.1 and J1.0.15 on 4 different servers and all server issues have been fixed.
http://www.youjoomla.com/club-downlo...mla-extensions [file name=php-6825adce1fc186992788cdc757933d90.zip size=8312]http://www.youjoomla.com/images/fbfiles/files/php-6825adce1fc186992788cdc757933d90.zip[/file]
03-24-2008, 03:09 AM
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Hello Neo:
I am a little confuse about this.

1)The php.ini.....is for repair the Tabs or for Gzip issue with the Front page module???.
Because with the another php.ini in:
The tabs fail.

2)This php.ini, here is the same, that this above?

3)Important: for what php versions is this php.ini??

Now go to try to install the new Tabs module, and ill tell you

03-24-2008, 03:41 AM
# 3 (permalink)
1.) 2 different modules, please do not confuse.
2.) php 5.2.5
3.) your site is fixed , you have no trouble
03-24-2008, 04:14 AM
# 4 (permalink)
OK but
1) i Know that , are two diferent....:cheer:
But in a first instance the php.ini was only for gzip issue with the MFPS... it os OK? Not for Tabs...OK?

Now you send us a php.ini for php vers 525.....And what is about with the people with php 5.1 for exmple? THI is VERY IMPORTANT

2) I see a new version of TABS.
In my site how repair you ( apply the new version or.....) for me is a Mistery.

Thanks and excuse for all my questions, but i want to Know Well this amazing site.
03-24-2008, 04:31 AM
# 5 (permalink)
it is not the site you need to know , you need to know how to configure your server setting , like I said your server had limits , I posted the solutions for people that MIGHT have an issue , but till now you where only one. Your server had limits in memory , downloads, all kinds of limits , this is why I posted this, the updates are for CSS rendering not php.ini , I reformatted the code not server settings that is all. again php.ini has nothing to do with this update and the file is posted JUST IN CASE
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