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--solved-- Auto Start Session madness

01-10-2008, 08:59 AM
# 1 (permalink)
Ok, im about to snap! Using powweb as a host, and having major issues! Ive installed joomla on about 4 other sites, and they are working fine. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out why im having so many issues here.

Initially, I had equalizer installed, and it worked great. I wanted the domain to point to the joomla site, so I did a redirect. Wasnt working, some tech guy helped me out. We got it to redirect. However, anything outside that folder was not accessible. So we placed everything, to include a cubecart store that id worked on only FOREVER, in the joomla folder. Everything looked to be working fine and it was, until I tried logging into the joomla site or the cubecart store. Frustration mounted, because none of the techs could help me at powweb, so, I just killed the joomla site and decided to reinstall everything. DOESNT WORK. when it shows the settings at the beginning of the install, it says the auto start session is on, and it is supposed to be off.

Im assuming this is what is giving me a problem logging into my site. I cannot log into the backend admin at all, however, I CAN log into the front end of the site! (go figure). I said allllllllllll of that to ask... if this is an auto start session issue, how can this be fixed? I know its probably the simplest thing in the world, but I cannot find anything on it that isnt confusing.

PLEASE HELP!! :angry: :S
01-11-2008, 08:32 PM
# 2 (permalink)
that is your server settings , has nothing to do with the demo or template itself, you or your host need to change setting in php.ini
change session.autostart to 0 (OFF)
reason why equalizer is having trouble is because the fronpageslider module needs ob_gzhandler to process the beginning of the script
01-12-2008, 01:22 AM
# 3 (permalink)
yeah, thats what I kept telling them, but believe it or not, NONE of the techs could fix the issue for me. simply editing the htaccess file wasnt enough, because the issue was still there. They had to do something on their end, and since not one of the techs on duty knew anything about Joomla, they didnt know what to do.

Thats the one thing about the different hosts. They will offer the installation feature of different applications, but they know nothing about the product. I dont expect them to give support on those things, as they state that on most of their sites. However, if there is something that has to be done on their end in order for the application to run correctly, they should know SOMETHING.

ok... that was me venting for the day. we left powweb, and the host we have now we had NO problem with installation and things are running fine. (knock on wood)
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