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jeanny_be_f70 08-27-2011 08:20 AM

YJ VM Reviews and Newsflash Ultimate (Platinum Membership)
How can I buy two of this extension? :confused: Because I can not find YJ VM Reviews and YJ Newsflash Ultimate in the Add / Renew subscription (Single Joomla Extensions).

With a Platinum Membership can I use one extension into five domains by paying only one single Domain Licesne, or should I buy one the same extension as much as five times to five domain?;)

Thank you.

maggoo 08-27-2011 03:51 PM

The use of extensions is limited to your membership level. So you are platinum, which means you can use all extensions on 5 domains. Only when you buy a single extension you are limited to 1 domain, but that is not the case in your situation.

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