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blindMoe 06-28-2011 08:17 PM

[SOLVED] Video shows up blank but after clicking 'next' then 'previous' it works.
This is fixed.. it was because the module was published twice on the same page ( once via an article and once in a module position ). Disabling it in one of them fixed it. Feel free to close this thread.

Thanks for the great product!

I have a 'View Photos' and a 'View Videos' link on a page. Both use the joomla module to open a gallery for the videos and the photos. The two galleries are set in the same group but they have different links. The problem I am running into happens when I first click the 'View Videos' link. The lightbox opens up normally but the video does not show. If I click 'Next' in the nav of the lightbox the second video shows up just fine and then I can click 'Previous' to go back to the first, which then works.

I don't receive any javascript errors in the console and I don't believe it is a CSS issues since it works fine if I go next/prev.

I looked at the source and it looks like MBot is creating two div's with the same id="mbOverlay" and I am thinking this may be the problem.

Is there a way for me to tell MBot to use a unique id for its' container divs?

My code looks like this:

PHP Code:

mbox:medical/Medical-01.jpg|id=m2234234|thumbnone=0|group=nothumb|title=Medical|txt=<img src="/images/buttons/btn_view_photos.png" alt="" />}
mbox:medical/Medical-2.jpg|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=13|title=Medical 2}
mbox:medical/Medical-3.jpg|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=1|title=Medical 3}
mbox:medical/Medical-4.jpg|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=2|title=Medical 4}
mbox:medical/Medical-5.jpg|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=3|title=Medical 5}
mbox:medical/Medical-6.jpg|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=4|title=Medical 6}
mbox:medical/Medical-7.jpg|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=5|title=Medical 7}
mbox:medical/Medical-8.jpg|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=6|title=Medical 8}
mbox:medical/Medical-9.jpg|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=7|title=Medical 9}
mbox:medical/Medical-10.jpg|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=8|title=Medical 10}
mbox:medical/Medical-11.jpg|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=9|title=Medical 11}
mbox:medical/Medical-12.jpg|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=10|title=Medical 12}
mbox:|853|510|thumbnone=vid0|group=nothumb|title=Making it Work|txt=<img src="/images/buttons/btn_view_videos.png" alt="" />}
{mbox:|853|510|nothumb=thno|group=nothumb|thumbnone=vid1|title=Delivering a Baby}

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I think I may try to just use a uniq() php id to create the ID's in use by the module but I don't want to dive in if I don't need to.

orion_ 06-28-2011 09:42 PM

Thank you for the update and sharing information for others :)

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