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lomasrankiao 05-02-2011 04:10 PM

Very important i want my money back
LAST NAME: Castillo


I just installed the theme "Youquilium" 3 days ago when I purchase it and I immediately install it and I had problems to connect it with my content and customize it as you explained in the instruction file but the theme has problems.. So Okay.

But then I see the articles are organized by category and does not accept independently publish with articles. So thats pissed me off!

And then again other problem!!!

Theme has problems with thumbails of the sidebar they don't work and also with the images on the frontpage I am very disappointed with this theme and I want my money back now because I can not use the theme for which I pay my money so I will not give my money if I not got what you show in your catalog.

You can check this Invoice Number 84253 from 04/29/2011

I send an email at "Sales Department" when I got the theme and saw all the problems and even I have not received a response and have already spent three days and I see no interest in helping me or give me my money which I am calling

lomasrankiao 05-03-2011 02:07 AM

No body gonna answer me????? so I lost my money??

JMGilday 06-12-2011 09:02 PM

did you ever
get any help or get your money back?

orion_ 06-12-2011 09:58 PM

It would help to see a link to your installation to be able to understand what it is you have problem with.

This template (and demo) has been used by many customers and we have not had any problems.

You can explain better exactly what is the problem you are facing with the usage of the template?

From what I read, it is more related to joomla, and how things are published, than any bug from the template.

Did you install a demo version (full pack with all extensions) or template only?

Again, link to site is very important for support.

maggoo 06-13-2011 06:28 AM

@JMGilday, you got a reaction within (let's check) 1 hour and 59 min and i see now that you have found the file. Closing this one, and let's continue in a appropriate fashion in the customer forums should you run into any more questions.

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