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neo 10-31-2010 09:47 AM

YJSG 1.0.9 released. User Layout bug fix
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Thnx to our member basecria we have discovered small bug that is affecting all YJSimple Grid framework based templates.

When user logs in and goes to logout page any side modules if published on all pages would brake the layout.

If you have not edited the template css, please download Latest template version and simply install it again. No need to uninstall the default template.

Affected templates:
  1. YouGrids
  2. YouStudio
  3. YouMedia
  4. YouScene
  5. YouMania
  6. YouPulse

Manual 1.0.9 upgrade.

Please download attached file

Extract it
using your FTP client transfer
  • html (folder containing html/com_user/login/default_logout.php )
  • index.php ( YJSG version number update )

the files to
SITE_ROOT/templates/templatename/ folder overriding the existing files.

Manual TeamplateDetails.xml YJSG Version number update

For easier version number tracker we added YJSG text notice within the template manager.

please open your TeamplateDetails.xml file and find around line 20


<h3>Version 1.0 Initial Release</h3>
right under please add


<h3>YJSG Version 1.0.9 Stable</h3>
this way you dont have to open index.php file to see what YJSG version you currently have

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