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dvipe1 09-13-2007 05:12 PM

Help first project!
Hello All

Real Nubie Here
Love Joomla, first project working with the Times Template. Everything seems great until the last modification to the CSS file. The modification had to do with adding additional Typography. the code seems valid. but the site broke. when I go back and reinstall the unaltered template the site remains broke. It appears that there is no CSS applied to it at all. Can anyone explain to me what is happening? my site is Here Help!!!!!!


youjoomla 09-13-2007 05:19 PM

Re:Help first project!
go to index.php change template_css.php to template_css.css it looks like your server does not support ob_start (\"ob_gzhandler\"); and I alos get additional 404 error so it looks like the file is not there at all.template_css.php. if you server does not support it make change to mootools.v1.1.compressed.php also . Rename it to mootools.v1.1.compressed.js. There are instructions about this in index.php. Let me knwo if this works. We renamed these files for faster site load . So test fisrt if the files are there

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