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carlanl 02-21-2010 12:29 PM

Another one: video's are not playing
First of all, your products al look great. I've enjoyed setting up the Mbox and was looking for the 'video manager' you used in the instructions for that module.

After a few goes, i found out that this is not a feature in Mbox, but in Movie Studio... OK, so i installed both the component and the module.

No video's are playing.... I went through this forum, noticed the permission change (777), the other setting (Mootools) and i've done what i could do but no video's are playing.

Then i noticed someone here asking if you could publish a video from a stream, but the answer wasn't what i was looking for. (the answer being: upload flv to server, which is exactly what i do not want to do).

Appareantly more answers are to be found in the paid customer forum, but this is a free module and if it says it can play from a stream.... ??? Is the product info not correct or am i seriously overlooking something?

I would sincerely appreciate it if someone from the support team could maybe provide me with a 'how to' document so i can sort myself out (i can usually work with instruction manuals or version comparison schemes) or simply to provide the answer as to how can I publish video's from let's say Youtube in Movie Studio.

Thank you

orion_ 02-21-2010 01:11 PM


A link to your site would be good. :)
What file formats are you playing?....or using

ncredyble 09-01-2010 04:57 PM

Okay support team. I'm a paid member, and I'm not getting direct answers/instructions to my questions. If we are to support YOUjoomla there must be better and more comprehensive support for your products. I can't get movies to play in either Movie Studio or Movie Box. I would like to display movie trailer on my site, and publish it. Any suggestions?

jaycburton 09-02-2010 08:27 AM

@ ncredyble When YJ products are installed on properly configured servers/sites, they should work just fine. Whenever someone posts in the forum that they have installed (whatever) and it is not working, I install (whatever) on a sandbox site (on one of my servers) and try to replicate the issue being reported.

Having well over 30 years experience in various fields, I know one of the most frustrating things is reporting something that no one else can duplicate. This is no exception. That is why the demo packs exist. By starting with code you know works, you can begin modifying it to fit your needs. I always recommend testing early and often. That way, if you break something, you can easily undo it and find an alternative method that works before going too far.

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