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forrest 11-07-2009 02:24 AM

YJ Images Slider V3... extra title field?

YJ Images Slider V3 is beautiful !
I use it in Youfauna (built in in the demo)

(example slide 1)
It's not so easy to place a title above the "slide into 1 text"
In the beginning I was thinking the title was that what I placed in "slide 1 title"
But that's only the "popup" title
You have to edit the title in the "slide into 1 text", it's also an image (png), stored in folder "stories".
Why not in the folder "upload_slides"? I changed it immediatly, more logical I think.

Wouldn't it be much easier when there would be - just like there is for the image, a field "select slide 1 image from "upload_slides" folder - an extra field " select title text 1 from "upload_slides_title" folder for the title of the text? (and in the demo an extra folder upload_slides_title")
I think it would be a great help everyone.
I think it's a nice wish :)

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