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kambera 10-21-2009 04:08 AM

Travel and Hotel Template
Hi all Youjoomla Designer,

I am one of your fans of your all template, you have great design than the other joomla template designer, you lead the world in Joomla template design ,
but one thing that might be your consider, you have to make template as people's business needed, group the template as their relating business purpose,

for example you have make some template relating sport, fashion and some in common template,
but as i see , you forget to other business template which is might be more searched by people,

as i wish to you here if you can, you have to design many design relating with Tour and Travel business, and Hotel or Villa Business,
as i know, you have dessigned just only one Travel Template and it is not enough to fullfill the demand of this template, i hope you can design as many as you can , so we are here as customer can be have many choise,

same like the Tour and Travel, you have to also design Template relating that business, because from that business, i am sure you can many customer.

as i am living in the Tourism Island here, so i am as website developer need your template design, because i am using joomla to design all my customer website from HOTEL AND TRAVEL,

I hope this can make you think about it and you can design those template.and this is real things that i face here in those kind business, it's hard to find great design relating Travel and Hotel, but i believe you can do that to fullfill the need here ( as you did in You Travel Template, that is great one)....i can find other template relating travel and hotel but it is not good ones, so you have to design them, you will be have many customer with this design.


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