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neo 12-15-2008 09:04 PM

Happy New Year 2009
Is it that time of the year already? :)

Well what can we say , 2008 was a great year for us and we would like to thank you for it.

Over 23000 new Joomla enthusiast signed up in 2008 and brought us many new experiences and ideas. We did our best to fill our downloads with over 33 Joomla templates and 22 Joomla Extensions.

We hope that 2009 will keep us busy and we will be able to make even more friends .

Here is a small token of our appreciation to all of you and we hope you will take advantage and either become a new member or extend your club membership.

Please use CODE: 09C94 on following membership packages signup and get 30% DISCOUNT:

[ul][li]1 Year Youjoomla Developer $60.00 saving Regular price $200.00[/li]

[li]1 Year Youjoomla Developer Upgrade $45.00 saving Regular price $150.00[/li]

[li]1 Year Youjoomla Platinum $19.50 saving Regular price $65.00[/li]

[li]1 Year Youjoomla Platinum Upgrade $16.50 saving Regular price $55.00[/li]

[li]6 months Youjoomla Gold $16.50 saving Regular price $55.00[/li][/ul]

Coupon is valid trough 12-26-08 .

Once again THANK YOU for all your support , Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!

Youjoomla Team

SlowSteady 12-17-2008 02:26 PM

Re:Happy New Year 2009
Same to you Neo, happy 2009 and please dont forget to deliver your \promise\ ... release the Ajax Vote! :P

neo 12-17-2008 04:19 PM

Re:Happy New Year 2009
heheh I forgot all about it , something nicer is coming up , live search module and YJ Global Search component , after that we will get the vote

thnx for reminding me

zianya 12-25-2008 08:36 PM

Re:Happy New Year 2009
Good night, Merry Christmas and New Year. I want to renew my membrecía to 6 months but the cost leaves $38,50 and no * 6 months Youjoomla Gold $16,50 saving To regulate price $55.00 Thanks I only must tomorrow to do it. Greetings

shahramA 12-31-2008 07:16 AM

Re:Happy New Year 2009
Hi ,

The code is not valid ! can you please let me know how can upgrade my membership


neo 12-31-2008 01:10 PM

Re:Happy New Year 2009
Coupon is valid trough 12-26-08 .

shahramA 12-31-2008 02:31 PM

Re:Happy New Year 2009
Hi Neo ,

Happy New Year !

I know i may expecting something out of your rules but i have got two clients on order for joomla and i have not come across of any site to have that many quality templates !
we are running a hosting company and i want to be honest i will need to have access to all modules and templates as ( developer )!

is there away to get any discount coupon in new year !



neo 12-31-2008 02:41 PM

Re:Happy New Year 2009
as business man to business man , you would understand that such questions are not handled in public. many visitors see this post ,if we give you a brake we would have to do it for everyone

yudhis 01-01-2009 01:13 PM

Re:Happy New Year 2009
happy new year 2009!!!

Im very happy when i visit youjoomla site, and there is chistmast and new year discount!

just purchase this great template club!! great template, great support! :)

I proud to be youjoomla template club member..

perenucleaire 01-29-2009 03:03 PM

Re:Happy New Year 2009
Here is my transaction number, in order to have the customer shop forum opened please : 32867, transaction number 09M37362FD5820748.

Have a good year 2009, with a lot of quality websites made with joomla.
I joined this website to get some nice templates, and learn with this community.

Im french, from Reims (Champagne capital ;-)). Hope youll understand my english. See you around guys.

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