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neo 08-25-2008 02:42 AM

Donate to Joomla
We think that since we all use it and there are so many people behind Joomla , everyone should contribute . Youjoomla is starting a small contribution and we hope that others will follow.

Joomla is one of the best and greatest CMS in the world . Not only that but the Joomla community has reached a level that no CMS community has. The versatility of extensions, templates, Template Clubs, Components Clubs, public joomla groups, developers and users, is so wide and is growing every minute.

If only world could function like Joomla community we would all live better.

So if you are one of the helping kind and have contributed we will give you 15% off on your next template purchase(no club memberships).This offer is for 1 time purchase only. All you need is a confirmation that you have donated. See image below.

For the ones who would not like to take advantage of our offer , post your donation image here and get some karma for it :)


d3v3lop3r 12-27-2008 02:46 AM

Re:Donate to Joomla
You are right; For me this the most impressive community, im just new in this big project but i am so excited about how much i can learn. I am compleatly agree with the observation about the world living in this kind of platform. That should happen some day for good.

About the donations thats right too. In time I start having profits, im going to put part of my pocket in Joomla developers pockets.

Im sorry about my english \jeje\

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