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kmoerman 01-29-2015 06:28 AM

changing width of submenu items

Originally Posted by neo (Post 60654)
Screenshot by Lightshot

add this to your template css

ul.yj-vertical-menu li.yj-vertical-menu-item a{
ul.yj-vertical-menu ul li.yj-vertical-menu-item a{

This works fine but is it also possible to change the width of the menu items of the 2nd and 3rd level? The 1st level has to be 200px width but the other levels can be up to 400px.
It would be great to combine the mentioned solution with a wider 2nd and 3rd level.

arefund 01-29-2015 06:35 AM

Hello kmoerman.
Please read the forum rules and open new thread if you have a question and don't jump into other peoples thread.
You can add this into your custom.css file to change the width:
ul.yj-vertical-menu li ul{
width:your width;
Thank you.

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