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Metzzzz 08-30-2014 07:57 PM

Edit column width
On my homepage I used the following settings:

#Leading Articles: 1
# Intro Articles: 3
# Columns: 3

You can see the result in the image below. I would like to increase the space between the columns. Is this possible? And if so, how can I do this? I couldn't find it anywhere. Making changes in the 'layout' section of the template manager won't work.

neo 09-01-2014 03:32 AM

add in custom.css

div.yjsg-newsitems div.multicolumns div.news_item_f,
div.yjsg-newsitems div.multicolumns div.news_item_c{
margin: 0px 20px 5px 20px;

Using Custom CSS file | Advanced | Documentation

Metzzzz 09-01-2014 05:15 PM

Thanks a lot!

Is there a same kind of 'trick' to increase the space between multiple modules? (for example the space between the User21, User 22 and User23 modules) :)

neo 09-01-2014 05:50 PM

bud , is pure css no tricks , use margins and paddings
I cannot custom modify the template for you

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