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mikelawrey 12-05-2013 10:31 AM

Piecemaker not showing up...

I installed a piecemaker on my home page (showcase-b position) and it was working fine for a while, now it isn't showing up. I also installed one on the page of Garage Storage Systems, so the module is working.

I did some research and found a few articles talking about a Jquery version conflict, which I tried addressing and everything was working fine, now all of a sudden it isnt working. Could this be a cache or flash issue? Thanks.

UPDATE: It wasnt working in Firefox, but working fine in Safari...I cleared the cache in Firefox now it pops up...hope that helps.:confused:

Are you sure your are posting in product assigned forum?: No

What is your CMS version?: Joomla 2.5

MySQL Version: 5.x

PHP version: 5.x

Link to installation:

Have you edited any files? If yes tell us which ones.: Yes

Is this personal or client website?: Client

arefund 12-05-2013 10:36 AM

Hello mikelawrey.

I can see that your piecemaker is working properly on your homepage, no issues.
Please advise.

Thank you.

mikelawrey 12-05-2013 10:39 AM


Thanks for the quick response, I just recently updated my thread before you responded b/c it wasnt working in FF so I cleared the cache and it started working. I also have been getting feedback from other people saying it's not showing up on their browsers, is this something I can fix/avoid? I would like to have it working always w/o having to worry about it... Thanks.

neo 12-05-2013 12:17 PM

see this thread please , it is cross domain policy issue with flash

mikelawrey 12-05-2013 01:04 PM

Ok I added a crossdomain.xml file to my root www. folder, and it was working fine, then it stopped working again for a while. It seems very intermittent, which leads me to believe it could be a cache issue? Again, I am using Firefox, and it's weird b/c it's only the home page module doing this...

neo 12-05-2013 01:26 PM

it is still crossdomain issue

Home Organization Services of Michigan | Vanguard Space Solutions does not work

Home Organization Services of Michigan | Vanguard Space Solutions works

and big no no space in image names

garage storage systems Michigan.jpg

that might be biggest issue

mikelawrey 12-05-2013 01:43 PM

Ok I cleaned up the image names, and now the roles are reversed... www. works, and the no add-on domain doesnt. I have tried all variations of the crossdomain.xml file too. Any other suggestions? If this xml file wont work I might try a redirect

neo 12-05-2013 03:00 PM

thing is that xml gets the first load visite link , example , first time you go to site if you go from www the xml gets www as links
and than your cross domain should work , but it seems like it does not
you migh want to do htacces redirect from
non www to www , and first visit you site from www so that xml gets created with it

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