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neo 08-25-2010 01:41 PM

Demos included in single template purchase
Hello everyone , since we have started the single template purchase many of our customers missed the warnings where we advised that demo installation files are not included.

To stop all confusions we have included the full demo installations with your single template purchase.

There is a small price increase to put all single purchases on a same level and same quality .

From today single Joomla Templates or single Wordpress Theme purchase cost $38.00 and they include ,
  1. Template/Theme installation files
  2. PSD files
  3. Demo installation with extensions preinstalled and sample data.

Please understand that we are not able to include the extensions installation files with this price level. If you are in need of extensions installation file please choose one of the club memberships.

Customers that have purchased single template in last 30 days can now login in their member portal and download the Joomla template demo.

Please be advised that simple add on payment from single purchase to club membership is no longer possible. If you want to go from single purchase to club membership you would need to pay full member upgrade price available from your member portal and visible to existing customers only.

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