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neo 05-10-2014 05:41 PM

How would you like your RTL?
OK we are in a final stage of YJSG 2.0.0 release and would like some feedback from anyone who is using/supporting RTL.

There are 2 ways that we can do this and we would like you to help us decide

Option 1:
Global RTL text direction override for all properties

Option 2:
Support RTL / LTR bi-directional depending on the lang

Edit fiddle - JSFiddle

I personally would rather go for Option 1 since by default it is playing very nicely with all icons , floats text etc. With option 2 we would have to readjust many css properties.

We can also add a helper class that you can use in your paragraphs to support



    direction: rtl;

Let us know

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