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heathereflanagan 04-15-2011 12:54 PM

Should I upload demo or template?
I am new to Joomla and basically a website making 1st timer. I am using version 1.6. I wondered if I should download template or demo? My husband says demo,, but will I be able to edit my site if we download demo?

neo 04-16-2011 06:42 AM

if you want to start from our demo than i suggest your download the template demo you need and install it as Joomla
How to install Youjoomla Demo?

kamwaki 04-19-2011 03:56 AM

I have similar question. If I load youTravel demo I know it does not come with all the functionality of your 'demo'

I have bought:
6 months gold membership
pulled the template into my local host server, no newslider and no booking module, s I have bought those seperately. Have tried downloading the demo zip file into my localhost, have followed your instructions in the link above, doesn't work. If I now also buy the $15 demo-installer will that help?

I don't know all the answers to the below questions
1. Please make sure you post in template/extension specific forum. Choosing wrong forum might delay support.
2. Include Link to your installation - it is on local host on my computer
3. Advise what PHP version you are using - MAMP
4. Advise what MySql version you are using - ??
5. Advise what Joomla or Wordpress version you are using - downloaded latest this weekend
6. Advise what YouGrids version you are using if applicable - n/a
7. Advise if you made any custom modifications to original files. - no

will try and find out clearer answers to the above. Thanks very much for any advice.

kamwaki 04-19-2011 04:00 AM

Also hope someone can answe post above question:

"but will I be able to edit my site if we download demo?"

Is the demo just for Joomla developers to show someone potential functionality? or is the demo version like ten steps along from starting from scratch just with the basic template./

complete newbie me

neo 04-19-2011 09:01 AM

demo is for you to use , on your site , edit play with it use on live site how eer you like,
demo you get i EXACT replica of our demo , no difference ,

here is how to install it
How to install Youjoomla Demo?

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