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neo 08-08-2014 11:07 PM

Updating your template to Yjsg v2
This is a short tutorial that you can use to update your Yjsg based template for Joomla 1.7 and UP to Yjsg V2.

Please note that the plugin will cleanup ( remove ) old template files thus it is important that you backup all the changes you have made to the template.
Before the cleanup the template will be backed up but we all know that issues can arise thus we ask you to backup yourselves.

Please note that some of the template CSS has been changed to adapt to all possible bootstrap/no bootstrap options. So we suggest doing the update on test site and not on live sites.

  1. Backup your installation
  2. Move ALL your CSS edits to custom.css file Using Custom CSS file
  3. Backup all edited template php files
  4. Backup your logo image
  5. Uninstall Yjsg Mega Menu plugin
  6. Uninstall JBootstrap plugin
  7. Update Joomla to latest version
  8. Download latest YJSG plugin version and install. This step will backup your old template
  9. Download new template version and install ( NOT template package file BUT template installation file, example: )
  10. After the installation go to , Extension->Plugins->Yjsg Framework plugin Screenshot by Lightshot
  11. and click on button "Cleanup old files" Screenshot by Lightshot
  12. Now go to your template administration and click on "Clear cache & save " button.

Now you can bring back your php changes but this time we suggest to use layout overrides folder.
All template layouts files can now be overwritten by simply copy and paste the file from

your_install/plugins/system/yjsg/legacy/layouts/ folder Screenshot by Lightshot

Since this procedure is new to you we suggest to do this on your local server or in a sub folder on your live server.

If you have any CSS/HTML issues after the upgrade please post those in template assigned forums.

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