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c3rberos 11-17-2014 06:47 AM

YouBricks Engine Module - ZOO Support
Hello everyone,

About this great module, is there any possibility, to add Yootheme ZOO Support within it? As you have with K2 for now.

Ty in advance,

Are you sure your are posting in product assigned forum?: Yes

What is your CMS version?: Joomla 3.x

MySQL Version: 5.x

PHP version: 5.x

Link to installation: Notneed guys

Have you edited any files? If yes tell us which ones.: No

Is this personal or client website?: Personal

neo 11-17-2014 07:03 AM

Yes it is possible but we did not planned to extend it at this time.

c3rberos 11-17-2014 07:32 AM

I assume u mean, it's possible but you won't do it for the next weeks / months, right? Is there a way you can custom fix that, for a fee? What would be a possible cost?

neo 11-17-2014 09:15 AM

that is right and we are very busy with new thing that simple we have no time for custom work
following yjme patterns is simple if you have base php experience, everything is separated in blocks for each component so it is not hard to add but like advised we have no time for it

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