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orion_ 01-20-2009 06:36 AM

To upgrade the site

I must confess I am a little afraid to upgrade from my 1.5.8 to the 1.5.9. Last time I upgraded from 1.5.7 through c panel at my host (lunarpages) and this was of cours no problem. I only needed to go to fantastico and click on joomla 1.5, and there I could see that I needed to upgrade, and clicked \upgrade\...everything worked fine.

Now, however, I can not see this in the c panle/fantastico, and I have read the instructions on, but I am still a bit afraid,,because of language probl. I am not shure I understand everything.

Is it right understood, that I go to my server, open up the file manager, click on the public_html folder=> upload files=> brows my computer, find the joomla 1.5.9 upgrade and upload it?
Do I need to extract first? If so, do I just upload all the files, one by one?
What about the existing files in the public_html folder?

Do I delete some of them, and is my site just there like when I did this through fantastico?

Well, excuse me for my ignorance, :blush: but I just like to understand this a little better, before I start doing this.
Bye Ori

neo 01-20-2009 08:44 AM

Re:To upgrade the site
backup your installation first, extract the upgrade to 1.5.9 zip and than transfer the files to your public_html folder overriding existing ones. if the file is not in fantastico it just means that your hosting provider did not upgrade their installation files

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