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noiragneau 06-27-2018 06:09 AM

Menu error after upragding to Joomla 3.8.10
I would like to inform that there is some issue after upragding to Joomla 3.8.10
When you try to edit some menu position you will get below error:

0 Cannot use object of type stdClass as array                                                                                                       

PHP version 7.0.28

Do you know how to solve it?

Are you sure your are posting in product assigned forum?: Yes

What is your CMS version?: Joomla 3.x

MySQL Version: 5.x

PHP version: N/A

Link to installation:

Have you edited any files? If yes tell us which ones.: No

Is this personal or client website?: Personal

back00 06-27-2018 08:03 AM

Major issues with menus in the admin ssection after Joomla 3.8.10 update
same error with menus. If I disable Yjsg Framework plugin, the I can access the menu items in the admin section but then the template itself will not function.
Please make something in the YJSG Plugin v2.3.2 which happens to be obsolete after latest Joomla update.
The Template I use is Journey, latest version, PHP is 7.
Similar issues with Helix Framework and they are releasing a major update any time now.

neo 06-27-2018 10:11 AM

tested yesterday with 3.8.10 , could not find these issue. on it for more testing, thxn for reporting

neo 06-27-2018 10:14 AM

@noiragneau @back00 please give exact steps to recreate the error

neo 06-27-2018 10:19 AM

I think I got it ,

on it

neo 06-27-2018 10:24 AM

issuing update in few minutes

neo 06-27-2018 10:34 AM

wait few more in to see it in admin

neo 06-27-2018 10:37 AM

I dont believe this , they changed array to stdClass in minor version,
this is crazy! Wait for new release in admin please

PLANETwmp 06-27-2018 08:35 PM

Thankyou for fixing quickly, working well now.

noiragneau 06-28-2018 02:08 AM

Everything is ok now. @neo Thank you for quick reply

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