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neo 08-18-2009 09:04 PM

YJ Contact us almost here. Testers needed
YJ Contact us is int its last stage of testing . You can see it here on our site under YJ Installation help and Contact us

please don't get click happy :) read further

This extension will allow you to :
  • create multiple contact forms
  • create multiple departments ,
  • assign different email to each department
  • activate or disable captcha
  • activate or disable file uploads
  • assign specific file upload folder
  • disable departments but keep them visible
  • full CSS control
  • CSS manager within extension itself , no need to browse trough server files
  • XHTML and CSS valid
  • create specific description using your default Joomla editor for each department
  • automatic form menu assignment to your available joomla menus
  • if you have only one department the menu will link directly to it without asking user to select departments
  • if form has multiple departments user will be prompted to select one before submitting the form
  • full language files for each form parameters for admin and frontend
now all nice and fun but we need some experienced testers to test on own servers.

each tester will get this commercial extension free

testers must have min 20 forum posts and must be paying Club Member

if interested , drop me an email

Special pricing

since this is a commercial addon and will not be available under club extensions ,

all club members will be able to use special pricing which will be visible under their membership details Add/Renew form. No worries we will try to keep it low and affordable for everyone as always

For testers

Download the Yj Extensions from your memberships page

  1. Install as any Joomla 1.5 extension
    The extensions will be listed as first extension under Components
    as .YJ Contact Us
  2. Create Department/ Departments
  3. adjust all department settings ,( name,description,Message,Email
  4. Create new form ,
  5. Chose departments that will be visible in this form
  6. give form the name
  7. assign to menu you like
  8. give menu item the name

all done , test your form

report here please ,

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