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comlead 06-21-2010 09:29 AM

Multimedia Box 2.0 problem in IE7
My photo album created by Multimedia Box 2.0 doesn't work properly in IE7.
I can't open large images!

The same album has no problems in FireFox.

Here is a link to the site with the Multimedia Box 2.0 module.

Thanks in advance.:)

orion_ 06-21-2010 09:46 AM


is this new download of the Multimediabox 2.0 ?

comlead 06-21-2010 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by orion_ (Post 28640)

is this new download of the Multimediabox 2.0 ?

With IE support.

orion_ 06-21-2010 10:10 AM

I will download it, and test it for a bit and let you know. :)

MadiGabi 07-26-2011 09:54 AM

I use youjoomla youestate css template with all of the js modules. After I updated the Multimedia Box with the newest version - as you suggested to the original Questioner - the following errors occured and none of the js function worked on the site:
- Fx.Style is undefined in /templates/youestate/src/mouseover.js
- $(this.options.navigation.container) is null /modules/mod_yj_ns7/script/InfoSlider.js
- this.keyboardListener.bindAsEventListener is not a function /plugins/content/bot_mb/js/yjmmbox.js

I would emphasize that before the update the site had worked properly without any error and the new MMB 2.0 caused its collapsion.

Your early reply would be appreciated.

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