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ossa2ossa2 01-10-2011 12:22 PM

Register and Login to external MS SQL Database
I plan to create a Joomla! website for a company. They maintain their client database on a separate MS SQL box. They want to use the website as front end for registration and login.

Tasks To be Achieved:
  1. Users will be registered into an external MS SQL database when they register at the website's Register module, and IT Manager receives these information.
  2. Account verification and approval will be sent to the user by the company IT Manager.
  3. When the Login button at the website is selected, the UserID/Password is validated against MS SQL Database, and if it is valid then the user is automatically redirected to an external application URL.
  4. Users can retrieve username / passwords from the website link

Could you please help me to achieve these tasks?
I really appreciate your help.

maggoo 01-10-2011 02:05 PM

Everything you ask is standard behavior for joomla registration. So why make it difficult when it is way easier to work the other way around, ie make a dump from joomla. Besides that, there are plenty of intranet solutions on the JED that will most likely fit this scenario one way or the other.

Also i do have to advise you here that if you develop for clients you really should upgrade your subscription to developer, not only for you but especially for your clients.

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