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YouGrids Free joomla template powered by YjSimpleGrid Framework

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Default YJSG 1.0.8 released. Custom css new faeature

This feature is credit to our forum moderator maggoo01. Why didn't I think of it first .

We added cutsom.css file to default template . This file will let you override all template css declarations. So editing your template is now easier and you dont have to worry if you would brake the site layout.


For manual updates please download the attached zip file . Extract it
FTP the extracted folders ( administrator , templates) to your site root overriding the existing files

  • sitename/administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.tpl_yougrids.ini
  • sitename/templates/yougrids/css/admin/yjsg_admin.css
  • sitename/templates/yougrids/yjsgcore/yjsg_core.php
  • sitename/templates/yougrids/yjsgcore/yjsg_head.php
  • sitename/templates/yougrids/index.php( only version # changed)
  • sitename/templates/yougrids/TemplateDetails.xml
  • sitename/templates/yougrids/css/custom.css ( new file )

If your template name is different than yougrids or you changed the default style than please follow instructions below

First create empty custom.css file and place it in your template css folder

MANUAL TemplateDetails.xml file update:


find line #498( can differ)
<param name="" type="yjsgtextblank" default="STTEXT_LABEL"/>
change to

<param name="" type="yjsgtextblank" default="CUSTOM_CSS_SLABEL"/>
		<param name="custom_css" type="yjsglist" default="2" label="CUSTOM_CSS_LABEL" description="CUSTOM_CSS_DESC">
		<option value="1">Yes</option>
		<option value="2">No</option>
		<param name="" type="yjsgtextblank" default="STTEXT_LABEL"/>
MANUAL en-GB.tpl_YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME.ini file update:



and add following text at the bottom of the file . NO SPACES OR BRAKES!

CUSTOM_CSS_SLABEL= This template framework will let you use your custom CSS declarations to override default template CSS. File is located in template css folder under the name custom.css. Any CSS override you place there will automatically take affect. This way you do not have to edit default template CSS file to adjust the layout or color to your own style.
CUSTOM_CSS_LABEL= Activate cutom.css file
CUSTOM_CSS_DESC= This file will let you override all template CSS declarations.
MANUAL yjsg_core.php file update:


find line 40

$affected_selectors     			 = $this->params->get ("affected_selectors");
under that line add

$custom_css    		            	 = $this->params->get ("custom_css");

MANUAL yjsg_head.php file update:


find line

	require( TEMPLATEPATH.DS."yjsgcore/yjsg_hconditions.php");
add under that line

<?php if ($custom_css   == 1) { ?>
		<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo $yj_site ?>/css/custom.css" type="text/css" />
<?php  } ?>
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